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Welcome !

Welcome !

Fellow baseball friends, welcome to the "Team France En Route To The World Baseball Classic" website.

The French Baseball & Softball Federation is proud to launch the official website devoted to the participation of France at the international competition created by the Major League Baseball International— the World Baseball Classic. To learn more, read the Destination World baseball Classic!

This tool was created for players, coaches, baseball aficionados, everywhere in the world, to give them a one-stop site to exchange on French baseball, meet the Team France and follow its training, preparation and progression toward the WBC round of qualification in the fall of 2012.

From now until ball time, we invite players and motivated coaches interested in participating in this adventure to show themselves and live this unique experience with "Les Bleus".


Allez les bleus!
Let's go les Bleus!


Jim Stoeckel, Team France Field Manager for the World Baseball Classic Qualifier in Jupiter, Florida, unveils the 28-man list for the competition.
Eric Gagné
Eric Gagné, Team France Pitching Coach answers to Don Kladstrup's questions about his role within the coaching staff of Les Bleus.
Jim Stoeckel
Jim Stoeckel, Global Scouting Coordinator for the Cincinnati Reds, is named Field Manager of Team France for the World Baseball Classic Qualifier.
Roger Dean Stadium main entrance
The Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida, where France will play its World Baseball Classic Qualifier.

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